Everton Ribeiro resumes “miteiro” mode at Flamengo and vibrates: “Freedom to do what I like” | Flamengo

The recent vertiginous rise in Flamengo’s performance has the contribution of Everton Ribeiro, who, after a beginning of the year of ups and downs, resumed the performance that made the fans call him “Miteiro”.

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Everton Ribeiro during an interview with ge — Photo: Fred Huber

With Paulo Sousa, shirt 7 was selected as a left winger in a short period, and consolidated his evolution after the arrival of Dorival Júnior, who asked him to do what he knows best: take Flamengo to the attack and equip the attackers.

– I have the freedom to do what I like the most, which is to build the team. That’s what I like the most, being in the midfield, and that helped a lot in my production increase – said Everton Ribeiro.

This Wednesday, against Athletico-PR, at Arena da Baixada, Ribeiro and Flamengo have the chance to take another important step to transform the 2022 season in particular for the red and blacks.

At 17 min of the 1st half - Everton Ribeiro do Flamengo's header against Juventude

At 17 min of the 1st half – Everton Ribeiro do Flamengo’s header against Juventude

In an interview with ge, Everton commented on the team’s decision-making moment and the family relationship he created with the club after wearing the Flamengo shirt 315 times. The midfielder also showed optimism about the possibility of being in the next World Cup.

Check out the interview with shirt 7:

Ge: O Flamengo has this Wednesday another knockout game of so many that this team got used to playing in recent years. Do you believe that the group has already created a “shell” for situations like the ones you will face at Arena da Baixada?

Everton Ribeiro: Even having this experience in deathmatch games, we know that each one is unique. It will be a very difficult match in Curitiba, but we have our confidence to be able to put on a great performance and come out of there with the classification. Let’s leave everything on the field.

How much influence can the 5-0 rout have in this match for the Copa do Brasil?

We are happy to have played a great game and achieved a great result in front of our fans. It makes us even more sure that we are on the right path. But it’s having a cool head and knowing that this Wednesday is a totally different game. We need to get connected in the same way to do our best and win.

Then there’s the game against Palmeiras, which is not a knockout, but it’s very important… Is it to go with cup spirit?

Yes, we are looking at all these games as if they were finals. We are in a recovery process at the Brazilian and we can no longer make mistakes. Everyone is focused and working hard to arrive at the decision time so we can get the results we need.

Do you believe that this current team is the one that has the most balance when changing the pieces, even compared to 2019?

Yes, our team gets stronger every year. This year is very strong. The signings fit in very quickly, and we have players who haven’t even made their debut yet (Pulgar and Varela). They are training very well. The competition is very high, and that makes the players always do their best on the field. We are not just 11 and we are not just 22. We are a very strong group.

Diego Alves, Everton Ribeiro and Diego lift the Libertadores Cup for Flamengo — Photo: Getty Images

You are on Flamengo since June 2017, he has played 315 games, is captain… Do you feel like a host these days when these new players arrive?

I feel like it’s been many years at home. And I try to pass everything on to those who arrive as quickly as possible so that they feel adapted and welcomed. Here everyone starts to play and the atmosphere is light.

You have two boys at home who have Flamengo a great reference, Guto and Tonton, who are also very successful on social networks because they are fanatical fans. You, as a parent, what feeling do you have?

It’s really cool to see them grow up with this identification, already knowing what Flamengo represents since a very young age. Guto (Augusto) has an exceptional phase of titles, and Tonton (Antônio) is now starting to enjoy Maracanã, the crowd, singing all day long. That’s really cool, it’s exciting to pass that on to my kids. I hope they are champions by the end of the year. These are already cariocas and flamenguistas, that doesn’t change anymore.

For me, the biggest definition of Flamengo is joy. When the phase is not so good, the crowd is optimistic, it motivates you to seek victories. When it wins, everyone makes the most of the moment. The stands are getting more and more crowded. The joy I see in my boys is what I see in other fans.

Everton Ribeiro's children are fanatical about Flamengo

Everton Ribeiro’s children are fanatical about Flamengo

O Flamengo this year still has a chance to repeat or increase the number of weight achievements of 2019. How much does this “shadow” weigh for this group?

We didn’t think about it. What happened was marked, it is in history. Now they are new players who also want to be marked in history and are going in search of that. We’re going to follow this path of struggle and, of course, we’re going to try to win these titles.

With so much exposure in Flamengo, it is natural for players who stand out to be in the showcase of the Brazilian team. Do you allow yourself to dream about the World Cup? How does that work in your head, especially having so many decisive games Flamengo?

For sure, in the last few years I think I did my part and helped in the Qualifiers. This year I was called up in January and I do intend to be in the Cup, but I know that everything depends on what I can do for Flamengo. So, my total concentration is to win these titles and God willing at the end of the year to be called up.

What do you consider to have been decisive for the team’s turnaround since the arrival of Dorival Júnior? It seems that the team connected a lot with the ideas presented by him, but there was also a change of heart.

We needed to change that situation, which was not favourable. Dorival arrived and showed us a way, presented some things that he thought could help us. Everyone believed. He demands a lot from everyone, and I believe that put us on the path to winning, with everyone feeling important and doing their best on the field. He continues to encourage and demand that we only improve what we have been doing.

What about your performance improvement? You came to play as a left winger at the beginning of the season. What do you think was the most important thing to return to what the fans got used to seeing?

When the team is more integrated, the individual stands out. When Dorival arrived, he tried to guide me, motivate me, demand… this helped me. I have the freedom to do what I like the most, which is to build the team. He also asks me to get inside the area. That’s what I like the most, being in the midfield, and that helped a lot in my production increase.

What’s your recipe for being so regular, getting hurt so little, and always available?

Thank God I can always be available. But that’s the day-to-day work, at the gym, with the medical department staff, who are always guiding and adjusting when pain appears. They always leave me in the best way for me to perform on the field.

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