Felicity Jones could return to Star Wars

According to recent rumors, Felicity Jones may return to the Star Wars franchise soon, with her Rogue One character Jyn Erso.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story came as a huge surprise to many fans and became one of the most beloved films in the franchise thanks to its unique history from the other films, its connection to the original trilogy, and its audacious ending where all the main characters died. at the end. There are fans who are wondering if we will be able to see them again, despite their fate. Fortunately, Cassian Andor will make his return to star in her own prequel series, and now, it looks like we’ll see another Rogue One character return soon.

Felicity Jones could return to Star Wars

According to Giant Freakin Robot, Felicity Jones is in talks to return to the Star Wars franchise. However, there are no details on which specific project we’ll see her reprise the role of Jyn Erso. We have to note that this did not come from any major outlets nor announced by Lucasfilm, so we have to take this as a rumor for now.

If the channel’s report is true, then it’s exciting to hear that Jones could be returning to the franchise, though it’s also not surprising given that Lucasfilm has been developing many TV series, particularly before or after the trilogy’s original timeline. Although the character died at the end of Rogue One, there is still a way to bring her back, through the series or movies that take place before the events of the movie.

The question now is which Star Wars project can we see its return (if the report is true)? The best guess right now is the Andor series as it’s connected to Rogue One, although they’ve already finished filming the first season, so it’s likely she’ll appear in the second season. It is also possible that it is on a project that has not yet been announced. Either way, it’s exciting that we could see her return to the franchise soon.

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