Google Chrome allows you to become the default browser on Windows without opening settings

With the arrival of Windows 11, making a default app for some action became something more work. Now, Google Chrome aims to make switching default browsers easier.

The change was seen a few weeks ago, in Chromium Gerrit, and has finally been inserted into the latest version of the search giant’s browser. As you can see in the post below – from the user @Leopeva64 –, the program now supports automatically switching functionality with a single click.

The video above shows that the system change function would be limited to the banner only popup that appears at the top, and not the “Default Browser” option of the browser within the menu settings.

With Windows 11, Microsoft stopped giving the option to choose a default browser for all tasks and started to separate each type of file that a browser opens, in an attempt to keep users in Microsoft Edge longer. After complaints, the company returned to the method applied in Windows 10.

The novelty in Google Chrome integrates version 106.0.5231.2, still present only in Chrome Dev. The feature is expected to reach all users in the coming weeks.

What is your assessment of the new feature introduced in Chrome? Comment with us!

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