‘Horse Whisperer’ author dies at 72

The British Nicholas Evans suffered a massive heart attack on the 9th, but the death of the author who sold 15 million copies of his debut book, adapted for the cinema, has only now been announced.

Nicholas Evans |  © Disclosure Official website of the author

Nicholas Evans | © Disclosure Official website of the author

Launched in 1995, the horse charmer It was one of the biggest best sellers of that decade. The novel sold over 15 million copies worldwide, becoming even more popular after its film adaptation. It was announced this Monday (15) the death of its author, the British Nicholas Evans, at the age of 72. The writer died of a heart attack on the 9th.

Born in Bromsgrove, England, he studied law at Oxford, worked as a journalist and TV screenwriter in the 1980s and tried to become a film producer without success. In debt, he wrote his first novel based on a true story he heard from a friend, about a horse tamer who could control any wild animal.

the horse charmer It was a quick hit in bookstores. The novel tells of a young woman seriously injured in a horse accident, in which her best friend dies. To treat the girl’s traumatic sequel, her mother travels with her to find a tamer Tom Booker known for being able to control the toughest horses.

Scarlett Johansson in 'The Horse Whisperer' © Disclosure

Scarlett Johansson in ‘The Horse Whisperer’ © Disclosure

The film adaptation was starred and directed by Robert Redford, becoming one of the biggest American box office hits of 1998. The role of the teenager is one of the first appearances on the screens of today’s movie muse Scarlett Johansson.

Evans published other novels, but none of them came close to repeating the success of his debut. the horse charmer was released in Brazil by Rocco, and is out of print. Among the author’s other books, the ones with the greatest repercussion are the trap (Rocco, 1999), The smoke jumper (2001), The divide (2005) and the brave (2010).

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