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Unfortunately, the Apple Watch still doesn’t have a non-invasive scanner natively. blood glucosedespite the rumors.

But even so, one user managed to be saved by Apple’s smart watch at the moment he needed it most.

And if it hadn’t been for that, maybe he wouldn’t have been able to stay alive to tell the tale.

the american Justin Eastzer he is a video producer on the CNET website and has made the story that happened to him public, so that other people can also benefit.

glucose alert

The Apple Watch is not yet able to identify natively blood glucose levels, but Justin wears an accessory that sends information to the watch.

He has one continuous glucose monitor (CGM) and can read its information in watchOS. And that’s what saved his life.

I have type 1 diabetes and I use a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) that measures my blood sugar levels. If it gets dangerously low, I could pass out or go into a diabetic coma. Fortunately, my CGM connects to my watch and sends notifications before it’s too late. This feature saved my life.

James says he was asleep when the Watch woke him up with a dangerously low glucose alert. He then ran to the fridge and quickly drank some orange juice.

Soon after, he collapsed in a faint.

I woke up a few minutes later because my sugar levels were back to normal [graças ao suco]. This was one of the scariest moments of my life, and thanks to my Apple Watch alerts, I was able to resolve low blood sugar before it was too late.

CGM devices work with a sensor that is attached to the skin using an adhesive. Thus, it is possible to constantly monitor glucose levels without user intervention.

This story is yet another one that highlights the importance of Apple implementing a glucose reader on Apple Watch. But this seems like an easy task.

An apple-branded device capable of recording blood glucose levels was still a dream of Steve Jobs.

For this reason, since 2012 Apple has assembled a team of biomedical engineers to research solutions for this.

However, according to a recent rumor, we shouldn’t see this on the clock until 2025.

So we can only hope that these engineers find viable and innovative solutions for this and other types of diseases, so that more and more people can have their lives saved by the apple clock.

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