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You can free up space in Gmail in different ways. The Google account offers 15 GB of free storage, space that tends to get increasingly full with the accumulation of messages, documents saved in the cloud and photo backups. Fortunately, simple tips like filtering emails and deleting messages from specific senders can help you recover precious megabytes. Another solution is to delete old content in Google Drive and Google Photos , since the Google account also includes these applications. In the list below, check out five ways to free up space in Gmail.

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Gmail stands out in the market for scheduling and postponing messages and sorting emails by priority — Photo: Reproduction / Unsplash

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1. Filter emails by sender to delete them

A tip for emptying your inbox is to search for specific senders and delete messages sent by them. This is a good alternative for those who frequently receive promotional emails from online stores, for example. To do this, just search for an email address in the Gmail search box and select all the messages you want to delete by clicking on the trash can icon.

Filtering emails is an excellent alternative to delete unwanted messages — Photo: Reproduction/Ana Beatriz Motta

2. Filter message attachments by size to delete them

Most of the time, the real problem with emails taking up space is not the text content, but the attached files. Therefore, a useful tip is to delete messages with very heavy attachments. To do this, click the button on the right side of the Gmail search field. In “Size”, select the option “greater than” and enter “above 500 KB” — files like this are heavier than conventional emails. Then, go to “Search” and delete the messages of your choice.

Attachments can make messages take up more space than conventional — Photo: Reproduction/Ana Beatriz Motta

In addition to deleting unwanted messages, it is also important to empty your Gmail trash. That’s because when you delete an email, it’s still saved in the trash for 30 days. It is therefore worth permanently deleting it to free up more space. The procedure is simple: go to the “Trash” option in the right menu and select all the messages you want to delete. Then click “Delete permanently”. The same can be done with the spam box.

Emptying trash and ppam folder is a viable option for those who want to clean up their Gmail storage — Photo: Reproduction/Ana Beatriz Motta

4. Free up space on Google Drive

The storage of a Google account is shared with the various services that make it up, including Gmail, Google Drive and Google Photos. When your registration space runs out, therefore, it is not possible to make new uploads to the cloud service, nor receive new emails. That’s why it’s worth managing storage on other services to keep space free in Gmail.

Personal storage in the Drive cloud is shared with the Gmail and Google Photos apps — Photo: Reproduction/Ana Beatriz Motta

This process can be done by Google One (, which offers alternatives to free up space on both the email service and Drive. Possibilities include deleting spam or trash messages and deleted photos. Another option is to directly access your Google Drive account and delete files and folders that you no longer use.

5. Change the storage quality of images in Google Photos

Since Google Photos is part of Google’s cloud storage package, a viable option to free up space throughout your account is to lower the quality of images saved to the cloud. To do this, go to the settings menu and under “Photo and Video Upload Size” select the “Storage Savings” option. Photos will be saved in lower resolution and quality.

Google Photos has a storage saving tool that reduces media resolution — Photo: Reproduction/Ana Beatriz Motta

In case none of the above tips were enough, and you are still low on space, the solution is to subscribe to a premium plan to get more storage. Google offers monthly and annual subscription plans. The monthly plans are divided into basic, standard and premium, with spaces ranging from 100 GB to 2 TB, and prices between R$6.99 and R$34.99. The annual subscription plans, in turn, guarantee a 17% discount, with values ​​from R$69.99 per year to R$349.99 per year. If you want to know more about upgrades, just go to “” (without quotes).

Google offers subscription plans to increase storage on the platform. — Photo: Reproduction/ Ana Beatriz Motta

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