In book, Viola Davis says trauma that shaped her to be an actress

“Finding Me” recalls the abuse he suffered at home and at school and the power of art in his life; Actress has a birthday this Thursday (11)

Viola Davis directs “finding Me” with a dose of profanity – and an announcement that her memoir won’t tell everything about Hollywood. Instead, she intends to delve into her childhood trauma, bringing back memories of the abuse she endured at home and at school and the force of art in her life. In celebration of her birthday this Thursday (11), she checks out the brief history of the book below:

Introspection that gets to the bottom of Davis’ deep pain and how she shaped one of the best African-American actresses of a generation. The Oscar, Emmy and Tony winner cites the name of Will Smith in the opening pages, to speak of a conversation they share about the way they were raised, and this is one of the few references to the stardom the book brings, at least so far. the final chapters.

Davis is more interested in framing her career in the context of the racism, generational abuse, and sexual assault that she overcame growing up.”dust” – “That’s a lower level than poor”, she clarified – in the city of Central Falls.

Her memories of being bullied at school are disturbing. As well as descriptions of her dilapidated homes, including a rat-infested apartment she refers to as a “death trap.” In a harrowing revelation, she said her brother sexually abused her and your sisters when they were young. “Finding Me” portrays that Davis’ journey transcends these details. She wrote, “I am no longer ashamed of myself. I own everything that has ever happened to me. The parts that were a source of shame are actually my warrior fuel.”

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