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– Based on the analysis released by VAR on the bid that resulted in Mauricio’s goal being annulled, Inter expresses its concern about the lack of knowledge of the rule by the referee and also about the amateurism with which the offside setting process was conducted – posted.

The club even revealed that it sent a formal representation to the CBF arbitration ombudsman to contest the annulment of Mauricio’s goal.

Analysis of Alemão’s offside bid — Photo: Reproduction

The audio of the bid was released by the entity on Monday afternoon, it points out that Alemão had his shoulder ahead of Felipe Melo during the 3-0 victory over Fluminense.

German is triggered by Gabriel. The image shows that Colorado is in the defensive court when he receives the ball, which would put him in a legal position. This is even mentioned in the conversation between the refereeing team.

– This one is in his field. It’s in the field of defense – says one of the members of the refereeing team and then amends it. – He’s got both feet behind him. The position there is nice. He’s behind. The tilt of the body doesn’t count, right?

“Body tilt counts,” says another rep.

However, after analysis with the lines drawn, VAR catches shirt 35’s shoulder on top of the midfield line. In this context, ahead of Felipe Melo, the irregularity is marked before Alemão played for Mauricio to overcome Fábio.

– Ramon (Abatti, match referee), the athlete who scores is not offside. But, in the first move, in the middle of the field, he is in an offside position. He can confirm offside. factual decision. Exactly on the midfield line – says one of the video team members.

After the bid was annulled, Inter scored with Alemão and Carlos de Pena to secure the victory. Mano’s team returns to action next Monday, when they face Avai in Ressacada, in Florianópolis.

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