Inter run over Flamengo in Rio de Janeiro

After Inter’s men’s team dispatched Fluminense in the Brasileirão, on Monday night (14) it was the turn of the Gurias Coloradas to patrol another carioca club. In a game valid for the quarter-finals of the Women’s Brasileirão, Maurício Salgado’s men applied 3 x 1 in the red-black domains.

As usual, the Colorados imposed the rhythm of the match right after the kickoff. With a lot of pressure to open the scoring, the first goal of the victory was scored by Lelê. The white-and-white artillerywoman took advantage of the cue in the area and masterfully stuffed the nets of the archer of the cávea club.

Colored Girls Knead Flamengo in Brazilian Luso

In the second stage, the plot was repeated and the Girls were willing to massacre the housewives. With that, this time, Mai Mai took charge of expanding the marker. The midfielder received a pass from Fabi Simões and secured the score.

Ten minutes later, Lelê showed why she is one of the best scorers in the country and scored her second in the match. Shirt 9 received a magical pass from Millene and scored another great goal for Maurício Salgado’s team.

There was still time for the Flamengo girls to reduce the score, which did not shake the coloradas, who now have a huge advantage for next week’s game, which will decide the advance to the semifinals of the national tournament.

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