Jamie Lee Curtis assumed that Ana de Armas was a “young woman without experience or sophistication” because she is Cuban

Jamie Lee Curtis has revealed she’s “embarrassed” for admitting she assumed Ana de Armas was a “young woman with no experience or sophistication” new to Hollywood.

Both actresses starred in the crime mystery movie knives of 2019.

In a new interview with sheCurtis opened up about the “assumptions” he made when he first met de Armas.

“I took it, and I say it with real shame, because she came from Cuba, which had just arrived”, he confessed.

“I assumed she was a young woman with no experience or sophistication. That first day, I asked him things like, ‘Oh, what are her dreams?’”

When Curtis and de Armas met on the set of knivesDe Armas had previously acted alongside Ryan Gosling in Blade Runner 2049 and also acted in the comedy war dogs from 2016.

Before acting in American films, the 34-year-old actress had been working in Cuban and Spanish productions for over a decade.

Curtis went on to say that she was so impressed with De Armas’ performance in knives who offered to cast Steven Spielberg with the idea of ​​her being cast as Maria in the director’s next film, west side historya role that Raquel Ziegler finally got.

Daniel Craig and Ana de Armas in knives

(Claire Folger/Lionsgate/Kobal/Shutterstock)

the star of Freaky Friday He also told the publication that he wanted to introduce de Armas to his godsons Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal. He said he was surprised to learn that de Armas already knew Jake and had several contacts in Hollywood.

De Armas will soon play Marilyn Monroe alongside Adrien Brody in Blondefrom director Andrew Dominik.

The film, adapted from the 2000 historical fiction novel by Joyce Carol Oates, debuts on Netflix on September 23.

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