Jennifer Lawrence’s Funniest Facts and Moments

One of the funniest (and most talented) of her generation, Jennifer Lawrence turns 15 this Monday (15). Remember the best moments of the actress

Jennifer Lawrence is one of those who certainly knows how to lead and entertain a crowd in theaters. But it also does it on the red carpet. And through the streets. And certainly in the real gems that are his press interviews. The Oscar-winner is a master of acting, but also of the many outrageous and equally amusing moments in which she gets involved.

This Monday (15), we have a great excuse to talk about J-Law: the actress is turning 32. It is a fact that she has already made history in films such as The Hunger Games, On the Bright Side and Mother, but what better thing than remembering the (numerous) times when the muse made us burst out laughing and remember to celebrate the date?

HFTV separates the funniest moments and facts from Jennifer Lawrence’s life.

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Jennifer Lawrence Post Oscars

Prince Harry’s J-Law crush…

Rumor has it that Prince Harry had a huge crush on Jennifer Lawrence, but unfortunately, she wasn’t interested in giving up her life to be part of the royal family. Supposedly, Harry invited J Law on a tour of Kensington Palace, but she politely declined. Can anyone imagine the star being part of Elizabeth II’s family?

Fateful fall at the Oscars

This moment here needs no introduction, right? Simply Jennifer Lawrence’s greatest act!

School Speaker Award

It should come as no surprise that even during high school, J Law was a big chatterbox. She was voted “Most Talkative” for two consecutive years at the school where she attended. It’s not really a shock, is it?

The funniest press conference you’ll ever see

After literally struggling to receive his Oscar, J-Law went to give interviews to the press and did not fail to comment incessantly about what happened:

The biggest Harry Potter fan of all time

During an interview with The Daily Beast, Jennifer Lawrence admitted that she read the Harry Potter books four times (yes, all seven) and even pretended to be a witch for a while!

Shining in Vogue

Interviews with a zillion questions from the magazine Vogue are always the highlight of meeting our favorite artist. However, Jennifer Lawrence did it quite the Jennifer Lawrence way – and we had a pretty bizarre result to say the least.

bizarre tattoo

Many celebs are known for their weird and wacky tattoos, but Jennifer’s is definitely on top. She had intended to tattoo “H2O” to remind herself to drink more water, but instead, she ended up putting “H squared O” on her hand. Oops!

The first impression of John Stamos…

When Jennifer finally met her favorite actor of all time, John Stamos, at a party, she was so excited that she kept calling him ‘Uncle Jesse’. As she was so ecstatic, she ended up behaving quite nervously, which led John to question the actress if she was high. Help!

On the street with J-Law

Jennifer Lawrence not only gives interviews but is also responsible for carrying them out. In one of them, the actress asks about herself on the street – without introducing herself – and ends up hearing a few good things from one of the interviewees:

the stolen kiss

Closing it with a flourish, we have the time when we definitely didn’t want to be in Jennifer Lawrence’s shoes…or did we?

During the premiere of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – The Ending (2015) in London, Natalie Dormer was giving an interview when Jennifer Lawrence arrived to greet her and, without meaning to, Dormer turned away and the two ended up laughing at the stolen peck. Who remembers?

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