Joel Santana campaigns in English: ‘You’re the brinqueichon?’

Candidate for federal deputy for the Pros of Rio de Janeiro, soccer coach Joel Santana released his first campaign video, and recovered the 2009 meme, when it became news for misunderstanding English terms during an interview at the Federations Cup, a time when who was in charge of the South African national team.

In the video, Santana appeals to humor to make internet users access his political proposals. In the recording, the technician mixes English and Portuguese terms, such as using “job” to replace “work”, for example. In addition, the candidate also uses misspelled words, such as “tá brinqueichon uite me”, the equivalent of “are you kidding me”.

“Have you seen my proposal for federal deputy? No? Are you the brinqueichon uite me, bug? Enter the site and check out our job proposal. Hurry up, the deadline is short”, he says.

Joel Santana reverberated on social media in 2009 when he used “embromation” when giving an interview in English. Since then, he has recovered the meme on other occasions, such as advertising pieces.

Now a candidate, the coach, who has been away from the pitch since 2017, used the iconic moment to boost his campaign for the National Congress in this year’s election. Among his proposals are “bringing more education, sport and work to the Brazilian family”.

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