“Life made me Cruzeiro, but…”; Raposa fan has repercussions on the web by honoring athletic father


Fan lost his father and decided to make a surprising dedication on a commemorative date

To honor his athletic father, Cruzeiro fan thrills web: "Life made me Cruzeiro, but..."
© Photo: Reporduction – Cruzeiro fan surprises Atlético fansTo honor his athletic father, Cruzeiro fan, moves the web: “Life made me Cruzeiro, but…”

The rivalry between Atlético and Cruzeiro is considered one of the biggest in Brazil. The biggest teams in Belo Horizonte, with achievements by Brazilians and Libertadores, cultivate a feeling of competition in several areas. It’s hard to even think that fans on one side can at some point support the other. However, a cruiser thrilled the web this weekend.

An unidentified fan had a viral video on the web in which he paid tribute to his father, who recently passed away. However, while the protagonist of the recording supports Cruzeiro, his father was a supporter of Atlético Mineiro. Feeling the loss, the boy reveals that will also dedicate their fans to the team that their parent supportedwith the exception of the classics between the teams.

“Today is Father’s Day, I lost my crown. Life made me Cruzeiro, I love my team so much. But the Rooster gave my father a lot of joy. Today, on Father’s Day, I’m going to bury my father. In honor of him, as of today, apart from direct confrontations, I will be rooting for this team (Atlético Mineiro). My dad will be missed so much.”reveals the fan.

The scene moved fans of both teams on social media. The vast majority of comments were complimentary to the man. Cruzeiro arrives at wear the Atletico shirt, demonstrating his love for his deceased father. The images went viral this Sunday (14), when Father’s Day was celebrated. The man still wanted Galo to win the game against Coritiba, which ended in 1-0 for the miners.

“I will wear this shirt, because this team paid many tributes to my father. My father was very happy with this team. I’m going to bury my father today with this shirt, I just want to leave this tribute to him. Anyone who knows me knows how much I am from Cruzeiro, it is difficult for me to wear this shirt, but it will be in honor of my father, old Chicão. I hope Galão ‘puts iron’ in Coritiba today!”surprises the Cruzeiro.

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