Man calls police to complain about cold potatoes, is arrested for murder

A 24-year-old man called the police to complain that he received cold fries at McDonald’s last Friday (12). However, he apparently forgot that he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest for murder. The case was registered in Georgia, in the United States, and was reported by The Blaze.

According to information from the authorities, the man complained that the order was taking too long and that his fries were cold. As a result, the restaurant manager said he would refund the customer.

The man did not accept, because he would have to wait for days until the money arrived in his account. Then he started to get aggressive and said he would call the police. Company officials agreed, and both called the police to resolve the matter.

Upon arriving at the scene, officers found that the man who complained about the potatoes had an open warrant for murder. Upon being approached, he tried to run but was eventually caught by the officers after being pinned down by a teaser.

The crime

In 2018, a person was found dead inside a burning car. The man who complained about the potatoes and more other suspects were named as the perpetrators of the crime. He was arrested, but was on parole. In July 2019, he was supposed to return to court, but he ran away and has not been found.

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