‘Maracanã is for small game’

Before the match between Flamengo and Athletico-PR, Rodolfo Landim, president of Rubro-Negro, interacted with fans about the new stadium

An old dream for a good part of the fans of the Flamengo and a reason to make fun of some rivals, the Rubro-Negro stadium seems to be the president’s priority Rodolfo Landim for the next few months.

A video of the Flamengo representative has been circulating on social media around the Maracanã lawn before the duel last Sunday (14), against Atletico-PRin which Landim appears interacting with fans.

During the dialogue, a fan says: “Landim, we don’t deserve a stadium with less than 100 thousand people, no”. Soon after, the president replies: “Friend, you took it out of my mouth. It will have at least 100,000 seats. Maracanã will be for small games”.

Soon after, the fans present in the dialogue celebrate when they hear the statement by the president of Flamengo. In recent weeks, the matter of a new stadium for the club from Rio de Janeiro has become one of the central themes debated by the club’s leaders.

According to the latest information on the subject, the Gasómetro region, located in downtown Rio de Janeiro, is the ‘favorite’ to receive the construction of the new stadium. The expectation is that the place can receive 80 thousand people, a number higher than that of Maracanã.

In a video posted on his social networks, the mayor of Rio, Eduardo Paes, revealed that the region was mentioned by President Rodolfo Landim, he said the initial obstacle in the negotiation, but said he wants to help in the conversations.

“I just think that Gasómetro is very close to São Januário (laughs). It is also a private area, owned by Caixa Econômica Federal. On the part of the City Hall, there is no problem, they (Pedro Paulo and Landim) will continue to piss him off. Now, it’s a negotiation that Flamengo has to do with Caixa Econômica. I will help,” he added.

In last Sunday’s match, there was an audience of 59,165 paying and 62,716 present at the stadium. Flamengo’s next match will be on Sunday (21), at Allianz Parque, against palm trees.

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