NVIDIA resumes GeForce RTX 3080 production stalled for 2 months

12 GB card was announced in January, but was not made available on the market due to changes in the hardware landscape

THE GeForce RTX 3080 12GB It is one of the latest models in the series RTX 30 launched, having been announced in January of this year. However, in the midst of a scenario in which the NVIDIA was left with a large stock of expensive video cards to be sold and little demand, the manufacture of this model ended up being paralyzed at the beginning of June.

However, with the search for RTX 3090 also falling, both because of the high price and the proximity of the launch of the series RTX 40a NVIDIA is using leftover GA102 GPU inventory for the production of the RTX 3080, now returning to manufacturing this model in August.

This process is not new, being practiced by hardware manufacturers to be able to use their parts inventories more quickly – even if this leads to less profits and, from afar, it seems that the parts are not suitable for that SKU specific.

What is NVIDIA RTX 3080 12GB

rtx 3080

With board fabrication possibly taking place, it’s good to remember what the model specifically is. THE RTX 3080 12 GB it was more of a simple revamp of the 10 GB model announced in the first months of the RTX 3080, seen as a way to increase sales of the line considering the high price that the RTX 3090 was being traded amid the cryptocurrency boom and the Covid-19 pandemic.

THE RTX 3080 It has 12 GB of memory, 8960 CUDA cores – 256 more than the original – and an increased bandwidth to 320-bit. The suggested hardware price has never been disclosed by NVIDIApossibly due to the market changes that ended up taking place after its initial announcement.

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