Of the reinforcements from São Paulo, three will not be able to play in the Copa do Brasil

São Paulo hired five players in this transfer window, but not all of them will be able to reinforce the team led by Rogério Ceni in this final stretch of the Copa do Brasil, starting with next Thursday’s game, against América-MG, at Arena Independência, round of the quarterfinals of the tournament.

The tricolor board closed this mid-year transfer window with Marcos Guilherme, Giuliano Galoppo, Felipe Alves, Nahuel Bustos and Nahuel Ferraresi.

Marcos Guilherme and Giuliano Galoppo managed to be registered in time for the Copa do Brasil. However, Felipe Alves, Nahuel Bustos and Nahuel Ferraresi landed at Morumbi after the deadline for registration in the knockout competition.

This Thursday, against América-MG, Felipe Alves, for example, would be very important for the São Paulo team, since Jandrei is recovering from a back injury and still doesn’t know if he will meet game conditions. The young Thiago Couto, revealed in Cotia, appears as an immediate replacement.

Nahuel Bustos and Nahuel Ferraresi, in turn, still improve their physical shape. The first has been training with the rest of the tricolor cast for just over a week. The second has not yet had much contact with the rest of the squad and seeks to get to know them better in order to adapt to São Paulo’s game model as quickly as possible.

At least in the Copa Sudamericana and in the Brazilian Championship, coach Rogério Ceni will be able to count on all his new athletes. In the continental tournament, São Paulo will be able to promote changes in the list of entries. In the Brasileirão, the club can add new names to its list of athletes allowed to enter the field until August 26.

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