Researchers create chip that sticks to the skin to collect data

The chip mimics human skin (Eurekalert/Wang Group)

The chip mimics human skin (Eurekalert/Wang Group)

  • The chip created by scientists is able to adhere to body movements

  • The invention could represent a leap forward in biosensor technology

  • Product could be used in the future to analyze electrocardiogram data

Have you ever thought about doing an electrocardiogram at home to monitor heart health without having to go to the doctor? In the future, this could become a reality through an invention by US researchers.

A flexible and malleable computing chip was developed by scientists at the University of Chicago, in the United States. Creation is able to adhere to body movements. In the long term, this invention could represent a leap forward in biosensor and healthcare device technology.

Developed with polymers used in the construction of semiconductors and transistors, the neuromorphic device also acts like a human mini-brain. In this way, it is able to read and process the information collected from the user.

“In the future, people’s health will be able to be continuously tracked by wearable electronics that can detect diseases even before symptoms appear”, explains Sihong Wang, responsible for the invention.

According to the researcher, the ability to analyze the information collected within the device itself is a huge advance, as it saves energy that would be spent on sending data to an external computer.

In the future, the product may be able to track complex health indicators. To prove its effectiveness, the scientists tested the chip by analyzing electrocardiogram (ECG) data from different patients.

The next step in perfecting the creation is to program the biosensor to deduce the patients’ health and disease patterns. In this way, he could revolutionize the care of people who have heart disease.

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