Resident discovers half-naked man on top of car during dawn

One morning, waking up from uneasy dreams, Tom Selby, 23, found a pile of empty bottles outside his apartment in Cromer, England. When checking the CCTV footage, the surprise was even greater: on top of one of the cars parked in the building, a half-naked man was lying on his stomach.

In an attempt to understand the metamorphosis that led the individual to that state, Selby turned to Facebook, where he posted the image above, followed by the caption: “Captured from CCTV [Circuito Fechado de Televisão]can someone help me identify this curious man?”

The answer still hasn’t come. Contrary to the jokes: “My guess is he’s getting married soon,” speculated one commentator on the publication. “You can’t blame him, it was too hot to sleep indoors last night,” he ventured a second.

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In a statement reported by the Daily Star tabloid, the resident explained that he was a heavy sleeper, so he did not notice anything unusual at the time when the night visitor would be in the area. “He was obviously drunk and passed out,” he said, “I have no idea if it was his car, but there’s no evidence of damage.”

Without the subject’s identity, Selby also has no idea where he went after waking up from his nap.

“He looks like he took a violent underwear,” he ventured. “Who knows how he ended up in this position?”

Already a half-naked woman fell twice from the ceiling of a cafeteria and ended up arrested. Check it out below!

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