Ronaldo gives Mineiro vote of confidence for better contract and lawn

Ronaldo gave a vote of confidence
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Ronaldo gave a vote of confidence to Mineiro’s gesture for a better contract from 2023

Majority partner of SAF do Cruzeiro, Ronaldo said this Monday (15), live on Ronaldo TV, that it is too early to make a decision on the continuity of the club in Mineiro or the adhesion to the construction of an arena in Betim. In June, the city government located in the Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte presented to the club a project in partnership with the private sector to build a stadium with capacity for 46 thousand people.

“Betim is an option, it still is, but it’s too early for us to talk about it,” said Fenmeno.

It seems that Cruzeiro’s priority is to reach an agreement with Minas Arena, the concessionaire responsible for the administration of Mineiro, to improve the conditions of the partnership contract.

“I don’t have to accept it (Betim). Talks are going on, I have hundreds of things to see, not something we’re going to solve overnight, not a week, a month, not even in six months. No? We are improving the relationship with Mineiro, we also have the promise of better conditions for next year. We have to take all this into consideration”, he said.

“Of course, we want to improve (conditions) for our fans, but we have to evaluate each situation well. We will take this decision very calmly. You will be informed, you will participate in this. Rest assured”, pondered Ronaldo, faced with the insistence of the fans for news.

Too many shows and bad lawn

Contracts signed by Minas Arena for the performance of concerts have already taken Cruzeiro out of Mineiro a few times in this edition of Series B. The game with Chapecoense, last Saturday, for example, was held at Man Garrincha, in Brasilia, due to a festival countryman in the Gigante da Pampulha.

Ronaldo said that there is a promise from Minas Arena to prioritize Cruzeiro starting next year, including improving the quality of the Mineiro turf.

Really their priority this year was to make money from the shows. This year we played the Campeonato Mineiro with a very good turf, after that the turf was terrible, always! There was no game where the lawn was a rug. And we have the promise that next year will be different and that the priority will really be football. We have yet to assess this. Because we don’t have another studio yet. an option? , but until it does, until it happens, it all takes time”, concluded the majority partner of Cruzeiro during his live.

Minas Arena admits transferring gesture to Cruzeiro

Commercial director of Minas Arena, Samuel Lloyd stated on July 6, during his participation in the Superesportes Interview podcast, that the concessionaire responsible for the administration of Mineiro is open to share the management of the stadium with Cruzeiro.

To supersports, the manager recalled, however, that the process for an eventual transition is quite complex and has peculiarities. “If Cruzeiro were the operator partner, it would have to operate Cruzeiro and Atltico games. It would not have the option of saying that Atltico will not play in Mineiro, for example. America is the same thing,” he warned.

“(The operator) assumes 100% of the responsibilities. Rights and duties of the concession contract. He has to have corrective maintenance. What responsibility do you take on when you are a master operator making the day to day work,” he explained.

An eventual shared management agreement would start to be negotiated for 2023. Lloyd believes that negotiations, if they actually go ahead, need to start this year.

“This is a matter for the second semester (2022). For now. If there is interest on the part of Cruzeiro… We are managers of a public contract. If there is interest on the part of Cruzeiro, and we already declare that on our side, there was an interest in having operators”, guaranteed the leader.

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