Russia shows prototype of its own space station and confirms departure from the ISS in 2024

The Russian space agency (Roskosmos) released this Monday (15), the first images of the prototype of the orbital space station built by Russia, confirming that the country ruled by Vladimir Putin indeed has plans to abandon the International Space Station (ISS, in acronym in English) and launch itself towards Earth orbit.

According to information from Reuters, the space laboratory will be launched in two phases consisting of four main modules that make up the primary structure of the station. After the deployment phase, the station will gain two more modules with a service platform that can be used by astronauts on board.

At a military event held outside Moscow, Roskosmos president Yuri Borisov said at the time that the country intends to leave the ISS from 2024, so it is investing heavily in the development of its orbital space station, ending its dependence on the West. regarding space exploration.

Despite having released details about the project, Borisov has not committed to disclosing possible dates when the station should be launched by the Russian government. In the meantime, Russia should continue to share the space of the ISS with other countries, but the military conflict with Ukraine has been strengthening the relationship between the countries even outside Earth.

The Russian station will have the capacity to accommodate four cosmonauts and scientific equipment. The first stages of the launch are expected to begin between 2025 and 2026, during which time the ISS will still be active.

As explained by NASA, the International Space Station is expected to have its operation ended by 2030, being discarded in the ocean. Once this process is complete, private companies must begin sending the first modules of the “second generation” of the orbital science station – American advisers fear that it will not be ready in time.

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