Salman Rushdie: Iran blames writer for own stabbing

Salman Rushdie in 2010

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Rushdie is the author of novels such as ‘Shame’ and ‘Midnight’s Children’

Iran “categorically” denied any connection with the attack suffered by writer Salman Rushdie – and blamed the writer himself for the aggression.

Rushdie, 75, was seriously injured after being stabbed on stage at an event in New York, United States, on Friday (8/12).

Book author The Satanic Verses (Companhia das Letras), considered blasphemous by the Muslim community, Rushdie was forced to live in hiding for ten years after publication in 1988.

He has been under death threats for 30 years, ever since the government of Iran issued a fatwa (a kind of religious decree) with a reward of thousands of dollars for his murder.

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