Sisters or not? Model couple receives DNA result

Carley and Mercedes

Carley and Mercedes

Photo: @carleygonschior

Carley and Mercedesthe girlfriends who were faced with the possibility of being sisters, finally received the result of the test of DNA. To the couple’s happiness, the result was negative. The news was announced by the two in the TikTokwhere they have more than 1 million followers.

The model duo, who rose to fame producing content for OnlyFans, publicized the possibility of being sisters after a recent conversation with their respective mothers. As reported by the couple, both matriarchs had a relationship with the same man in the past and both became pregnant in the same period.

In panic, especially after receiving a series of comments citing the similarity between the two, the Canadian girls decided to take a DNA test. They then invested about R$1,500 in an exam. The result took five weeks to be delivered and the girls defined the period as torture.

“We were very anxious and the thought of potentially sharing a genetic background was horrible, but we just tried to keep ourselves busy,” Carley said on the social network. “We went through our entire relationship not knowing that this could have been a possibility, so it seemed easy enough for us to continue together as a ‘normal’ couple. However, that hypothesis stuck in the back of our minds”, corroborated Mercedes.

To the relief of the couple and a large part of their followers, Carley and Mercedes proved that they are not sisters. In a video where they share the result, they don’t hide their emotion. “Finally,” they exclaimed in chorus. After that, they hugged and kissed.

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