The Predator | Full franchise is available on Star+

Thanks to the release of the critically acclaimed The Predator: The Hunt, the entire franchise is available in the Star+ catalog, including The Predator (1987) starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

After being hired by the US government to rescue politicians trapped in Guatemala, Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger) will face yet another threat. After landing in Central America, he and his team discover a series of corpses that were left behind by a creature of superhuman strength with an incredible ability to camouflage itself.

  • The Predator 2: The Hunt Continues (1990)

In a different setting, the sequel to “The Predator” takes place in the city of Los Angeles, United States. It is in the urban scene devastated by the conflicts of rival drug gangs that the predatory alien lands to start the killing. Lieutenant Mike (Danny Glover) will be responsible for the task of facing this danger and its powerful weapons.

In this spin-off, the audience gets to know a different dynamic from the first two “The Predator” films. When satellites of billionaire Charles Bishop (Lance Henriksen) detect a pyramid hidden under the Antarctic ice, he assembles a team of scientists, engineers and archaeologists to explore it. They just didn’t expect the discovered pyramid to be home to two alien species. One of them considers humans as incubators, for the procreation of their species on Earth. The other is made up of intergalactic athlete beings who hunt their opposites for fun.

  • Alien vs Predator 2 (2007)

The Alien and Predator species bring their battle to Earth and put the residents of Gunnison, Colorado, in danger in the crossfire. On one side, several aliens with an almost indestructible force, on the other, a solitary predator whose mission is to exterminate alien life on the planet.

On a mysterious planet, a mercenary and a group of assassins find themselves in a canary where they are now trapped. Now a new and intelligent race of aliens pursues them like prey through the dense and unknown forest.

After a chase between alien ships ends up bringing a new predator to Earth, which ends up being captured by humans. Prior to his capture, he owned a helmet and a bracelet, which were stolen by Quinn McKenna (Boyd Holbrook), a sniper who was doing a mission at the location where the ship crashed. Biologist Casey Brackett (Olivia Munn) is called to examine the newly discovered creature, arriving after the being has managed to escape its captivity.


The plot of the new film follows Naru (Amber Midthunder) a Comanche woman who was raised in the shadow of some of the most legendary hunters that roam the Great Plains.

So when danger threatens her camp, she decides to protect her people.

The prey she pursues and ultimately confronts turns out to be a highly evolved alien predator with a technically advanced arsenal, resulting in a vicious and terrifying confrontation between the two adversaries,

It is worth noting that this is not the first time that the franchise has highlighted Native American culture, as the comic book series Predator: Big Gamereleased in 1992, did just that.

Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Street) is the director, while Patrick Aisonwho has worked on projects such as Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan and treadstonetakes care of the script.

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