Turco talks about evolution with Dorival and puts Flamengo above Palmeiras

On Sunday (21), Flamengo and Palmeiras face each other in the Brasileirão, which promises to be the championship game. Leader and vice-leader, the two teams have dominated Brazilian football in recent years, and are also the favorites for yet another Libertadores title. Therefore, the former Atlético-MG coach, Turco Mohamed, analyzed the moment of the two teams.

In an interview with ESPN Argentina, the coach who passed through Brazilian football in the first half of this year, spoke about Paulo Sousa’s team and how Flamengo is now: “Now they are defending well. But in the first half, with the Portuguese coach, they defended poorly, it was a more spaced team and gave a lot of space between the lines. We beat Flamengo in full transition”.

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Turco also analyzed Dorival Júnior’s team: “Flamengo is playing at a great level. The coach found the form, it’s a 4-3-3, but the three of them play on the inside. Not with spikes. Gabigol and Pedro are centre-forwards, they play for both sides, and Arrascaeta plays free kicks. But the three play inside. Outside are the sides. And the midfielders also go on the outside sometimes.”

The Argentine also recalled the clashes against Flamengo, and said he preferred Rubro-Negro to Palmeiras: “We faced in the Brazilian Supercup, we drew and won on penalties. Then we fought two months ago, we won at our house, and then they didn’t lose anymore. They found a team, they found the form, but for me it is much more than Palmeiras.”

Turco pointed out the differences between Flamengo and Palmeiras

Fired from Atlético-MG after the elimination against Flamengo in the Copa do Brasil, Turco talked about the differences between Mengão and Palmeiras: “Palmeiras has a differential for the other teams, is that it plays with another team like Flamengo, Atlético-MG, like River Plate, and he delivers the ball. He gives up the ball.”

“They will play against Atlético-MG and give the ball away for 90 minutes. Play this way. But not Flamengo. Flamengo imposes the conditions, rules the game, and if they want to keep the ball, they will have to fight for it”, concluded the Argentine.

Flamengo and Palmeiras will face each other next Sunday (21), at 4 pm, at Allianz Park.

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