2-year-old girl is attacked by snake and reacts unexpectedly

A 2-year-old girl left family members shocked after killing a snake with her own teeth, while being attacked by the reptile.

According to Turkish news agency Ilkha, the girl was playing alone in her backyard on Wednesday in bingo, in Turkey, when he saw the snake and started playing with it. Then the child was bitten by the reptile.

The little girl screamed in pain and fright and had an unexpected reaction: she reacted back and grabbed the animal – which ended up dead.

Realizing that there was something wrong with the child, it was the neighbors who rushed to the scene to save her. They reported the fright when they found the girl holding a 50 cm snake, while another part of the animal’s body was still between her teeth.

“Allah protected her. Our neighbors told me the snake was in my daughter’s hand. She was playing with the animal and it bit her. Afterwards, she bit the snake back as a reaction,” said the father, Mehmet Ercan, to the Ilkha agency. He was at work at the time of the incident.

Despite the brave act, the child was injured in the lower lip with the first attack of the snake – which has not been identified as a species. One of the neighbors identified the injury and provided first aid at the scene until the ambulance arrived.

The girl was rushed to Bingol Children’s Hospital, where she remained under observation for 24 hours. She is doing well and is recovering at home.

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