99-year-old woman who was almost a nun celebrates the arrival of her 100th great-grandchild

A 99-year-old woman has won her 100th great-grandchild, a newborn who added to the long list of members of her large family. The lucky one is Marguerite Koller, who lives in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania (USA).

The elderly woman, also nicknamed Peg, told NBC’s “Good Morning America” ​​about the big event. According to her, the arrival of the new baby left the entire family in “ecstasy”.

Marguerite Koller said that having a house full of children and grandchildren is one of the greatest joys of her life, however this moment would not have existed if she had taken another course in her youth. The elderly woman said that during her adolescence she prepared to become a nun in the 1940s. She even applied to start religious life and was accepted into a convent in Philadelphia.

However, her fate took another path when she met William, with whom she fell in love. The two married and, years later, had no less than 11 children together.

The elderly woman explained that she wanted to have a large family because she felt lonely as a child, as she was an only child. Even so, she had not imagined that she would be the mother of so many children.

“I thought I wanted 12, but once I started having them, I wasn’t sure I wanted that many.”

By the time most of them had reached adulthood, Marguerite had welcomed 56 grandchildren. And the new members of the Koller family became the children of these grandchildren.

However, she followed this transformation alone, as she lost her husband in 2008.

reason for realization

Now 99 years old, the great-grandmother is proud of the large family she has built and believes that the number of members still tends to grow. In an interview with NBC, Christine Balster, who is part of Marguerite’s group of grandchildren, said that the moments with the whole family together are quite intense, especially when the house is full.

According to her, it is impossible to challenge everyone at the same table for Thanksgiving, for example, but they always look for solutions to accommodate everyone.

Christine’s baby is the 100th great-grandchild of Margerite, who was named Koller after her great-grandfather. The child was given William as his middle name.

“My husband liked the name Kole,” said the young mother. “It was very natural to name him Koller and William as his middle name. And then we can always call him Kole if we want to.

Marguerite will celebrate her 100th birthday in a few months and has stated that her family is her greatest gift. “I have no doubt how lucky I am.”

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