Angelina Jolie is revealed as plaintiff in lawsuit against FBI in Brad Pitt assault case

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt with Maddox in 2013 (Photo: Getty Images)

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt with Maddox in 2013 (Photo: Getty Images)

Angelina Jolie was revealed as a plaintiff in the lawsuit against the FBI in the case of the alleged assault on Brad Pitt on the flight with his children. The information was given by Variety after the international press speculated who would be the author of the process, until then anonymous.

The lawsuit is filed under the Freedom of Information Act, and the plaintiff is seeking information “about the agency’s investigation of an incident of domestic violence that occurred several years ago involving the plaintiff and his minor children as victims and witnesses.”

Via Varietya new report has revealed that Angelina actually told an FBI agent that Brad “both physically and verbally” assaulted her and her children when they were aboard the plane.

According to the agent’s notes at the time, Brad allegedly took Angelina to the back of the plane, grabbed her shoulders, and yelled things like, “You’re fucking this family.”

Angelina also claimed that, on the same flight, another physical altercation took place, which led to her sustaining injuries, including her elbow. She also said that Brad was drinking at the time and spilled beer on her.

Brad’s team denied all allegations. After the incident, the special agent met with the assistant US attorney and concluded that they would not prosecute criminal charges, causing Angelina to anonymously file a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the FBI to obtain documents related to the federal investigation. against Brad.

In 2016, the family was flying from France to the US when an argument broke out between Brad and his eldest son, maddox. Separated since 2016, they are the parents of six children.

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