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This charger was offered by Apple in all new iPhone packaging, until 2020. After that, the device came from the factory without a charger.

In addition, more powerful options appeared, such as the 20W charger with USB-C output and which charges the battery much faster.

So, it is quite natural to imagine that, sooner or later, this model will be definitively taken off the air. And it looks like that’s what’s happening right now.

In several apple stores around the world, the stocks of this model finishedand Apple isn’t too concerned about replacing it.

It is no longer available on the Apple Online Store in Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, China, Australia and many other countries.

In Brazil, as well as in the US and Canada, the product can still be purchased, but there are doubts as to how long it will last.

outdated product

Here’s an accessory that won’t be missed.

It has been obsolete for years, as it offers the same charging power (5W) as the first iPhone in 2007. The device has evolved, but the charger that came in the box has not.

(Yes, the iPhone 11 Pro models had a more powerful charger, but it was the only exception in history).

Keeping it still on sale is to mislead the consumer into thinking that it is a good accessory option, which it is not. Paying R$191 for a 5W charger in the middle of 2022 is practically a mistake.

I hope it is confirmed that he is indeed leaving the catalogue. Well, it’s too late.

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