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Atlético-MG already has a management similar to the corporate one. But it will still take the formal step to also adhere to the Football Society Law (the so-called SAF). Something that does not necessarily depend on a buyer of the shares. The Galo’s intention, according to the geis to migrate in 2022.

Title hangover: Why couldn't Atlético repeat last year's feats?

Title hangover: Why couldn’t Atlético repeat last year’s feats?

Therefore, the matter needs to be formally discussed in the Deliberative Council, which approves the transformation of Atlético into SAF. Then, there would be the separation of Galo as a civil association – social club – and the football department commanded by the SAF.

Atlético already probes the market, it’s true. And the intention of the summit that manages the club is for SAF to be sold to a “strong international group”, according to a source from Galo to ge. By law, Atlético must keep at least 10% of SAF, and can sell any portion above 10%. On the market, however, investors always want majority control, which means buying at least 50.1% of the shares.

Behind the scenes at the club, there is still truncated information regarding SAF. O ge already heard from sources that Dell, a multinational focused on technologies, came to make a survey. Even the City Group would be interested. The fact is that Atlético SAF will hardly have the transfer to members of the collegiate body, the so-called 4 R’s – Rubens Menin, Rafael Menin, Ricardo Guimarães and Renato Salvador.

Lourdes Headquarters – Atlético-MG — Photo: Fred Ribeiro

The trend is really for Atlético to adopt the path traced by América-MG, which is already SAF – with a CNPJ registered with the Commercial Registry of BH – since the beginning of the year, but has not made the sale to investors, although this is the intention to Marcus Salum and Co.

It is important to point out that, even though it does not have most of the actions, the Civil Association has the power of veto in a possible change of headquarters, uniform color, anthem and shield, to maintain the tradition.

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One of the perks of turning to SAF is the benefits of debt negotiation. In the case of Atlético, it would be an important step to reduce the onerous part, of almost R$ 600 million, in which there are judicial and labor charges, adopting the “centralized system of executions”

– Generally speaking, when a club becomes SAF, it has two stages in the recovery process. The first is to renegotiate civil and labor debts through what they call a centralized execution regime. They take all creditors and renegotiate in up to 10 years with up to 30% off. In a second phase it is important to get investment. Getting an investor who arrives with money from outside football to contribute and accelerate this recovery process – said Grupo Globo journalist Rodrigo Capelo, when analyzing the transformation of Santa Cruz into SAF.

Still in the guidelines of the SAF Law, the club-company needs to transfer 20% of the revenue and 50% of the eventual profit of the company so that the club pays civil and labor debts constituted by the civil association before the migration. Regarding tax debts (taxes), Galo has already agreed installments through two programs – Profut and PERSE.

The Minas Gerais club is dealing with a debt of around R$ 1 billion (R$ 1.18 billion in the last balance sheet). More than 1/3 is onerous, that is, with interest and charges running. The short-term problem, to be paid in 2022, was above BRL 500 million. The SAF will be a natural, even inevitable, path for Atlético. It remains to be seen who will control the Brazilian and Copa do Brasil champion club, which seeks to at least end the year with a direct spot in Libertadores, not least because 2023 is the year of the inauguration of the MRV Arena.

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Galo na Veia – Atlético-MG Membership Program — Photo: Disclosure

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