Brazilians will have the opportunity to be trained in the IT area by the company Meta

Announced this Wednesday, 3, the company Meta plans to train 50,000 young Brazilians, by the year 2023, in technologies related to cloud, digital marketing and metaverse. Training will take place at Portal Tech, in partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for diversity and inclusion. The purpose of the partnership and training of candidates is to increase opportunities in technological environments for women, blacks and LGBTQIA+ people.

Read on and learn more about the project that AWS with Meta Company generates IT skills!

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Training of workers

According to the AWS Global Digital Skills Study, there is a shortage of 530,000 professionals in the IT field, while thousands of Brazilians face unemployment or fall into the informal market. Also, by 2025, employers will need people with the ability to use cloud-based tools and tech in general.

Therefore, Meta, owner of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, announced this Wednesday, 3, a plan to train 50,000 Brazilians through AWS by 2023 in technology with a focus on cloud, digital marketing and virtual worlds technology.

How will training work?

The plan consists of two phases. First, 25,000 people will be trained in the AWS Cloud Fundamentals course. The other half can take basic courses in augmented reality (Spark AR) and digital marketing on Meta’s Blueprint platform. In the second phase, 2,000 students who have completed initial training and demonstrated an interest in using these technologies will receive introductory programming training through online and in-person technical skills courses. To participate in this stage, candidates must have completed high school at a public school.

It is important to note that both courses offered will be free. Thus, the first webinar will be held on August 20th and registration is open on the official website of Portal Tech.

Research incentive

In addition to providing training for the job market, AWS partnered this Tuesday with the National Council for the Progress of Science and Technology (CNPq) to donate $1.2 million in credits to use the cloud to support up to 23 research projects for a period of two years.

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