Brigadier seller goes viral with creative strategy to surprise customers; see | went viral

Original ideas can make all the difference! And that’s how Caio Giachetti, an entrepreneur who loves to travel the world, developed an unusual technique to win the attention of strangers and offer his product. Check it out in the video 🎬

Brigadier seller goes viral with original technique — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Carrying a toolbox, Caio arrives at places saying he went to do a repair. However, the repair is a poetic way of looking at the power that a brigadeiro, the most famous sweetie of birthday parties, has to improve anyone’s day. The smile of the customers is a great indication that maybe their day has already improved at least a little bit.

Customers are surprised by the brigadier salesman technique — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

The surprising way of approaching potential consumers on the streets enchanted the internet and won the admiration of Father Fábio de Melo.

Father Fabio de Melo’s comment in the seller’s video — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

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