Buy an iPhone 13 Pro 128GB and earn up to 94,548 Smiles miles

THE smiles is offering up to 94,548 miles on the purchase of a iPhone 13 Pro 128GB sold by Casas Bahia at Shopping Smiles for R$7,879. During the campaign, you have the possibility to accumulate up to 12 miles per real spent and pay the device in up to 12 interest-free installments. The promotion is valid while stocks last.

The promotion

Buy an iPhone 13 Pro Apple 128GB Graphite for R$7,879 and earn up to 94,548 Smiles miles.


  • 12 miles per real spent: exclusive to Smiles Club members or Diamond customers;
  • 6 miles per dollar spent: other customers.

How to participate

  1. Access the Shopping Smiles website;
  2. Click in “Purchase
  3. Calculate the freight for delivery to the desired address;
  4. Finalize your iPhone purchase; and
  5. Wait for the product to be received! You will earn up to 12 miles per dollar spent.

purchase example

The miles accrued with the purchase can be seen below the product, see an example:

iPhone 13 Pro 128GB Graphite

Don’t have a Smiles Club?

If you are interested in being part of the Smiles Club, in partnership with the program, and earn many more miles with this purchase, we get a special condition: additional bonus miles in your subscription! Check available plans:

As you can see, when you hire Clube Smiles 1,000 for R$42/month, you will receive 7,000 bonus miles in the first month, totaling 8,000 miles per hour! Considering the minimum stay of 6 months and the investment of BRL 252 for an accrual of 13,000 miles, the cost per thousand miles [CPM] will go for R$ 19.38.

Find out how the Smiles Club works.


This can be a great opportunity for anyone who is thinking about purchasing the Apple device. Remembering that, in addition to the generous accumulation offered, the other great attraction is the possibility of paying the product in up to 12 interest-free installments.

It is also worth noting that Clube Smiles members earn twice as many miles as other customers. In other words, those who sign up now, in addition to guaranteeing a good CPM of R$ 19.38, will also receive 47,274 more Smiles miles – which is quite an advantage!

Thinking of taking advantage? To make your purchase, access Shopping Smiles.

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