CBF publishes detailed table of the C Series quadrangular; games start this weekend | Brazilian Series C

THE Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) released, this Monday, the 15th, the detailed table of the quadrangular of the C Series of the Brazilian. Games start this weekend. Mirassol, Paysandu, Figueirense, Volta Redonda, Botafogo-SP, ABC, Vitória and Aparecidense are the teams that continue in the dispute for access.

Serie C Cup — Photo: Lucas Figueiredo/CBF

By regulation, the four best classified in the first phase have the advantage of deciding at home in the sixth round, but they start the quadrangular acting far from their domains. The top two from each group gain access to the 2023 Series B. The final will be played between the top teams in each group.

C Series Foursquare Table

group B
20/08, at 15h – Aparecidense x Mirassol – to be defined
08/21, at 11 am – Botafogo-SP x Volta Redonda – Santa Cruz, Ribeirão Preto (SP)

Group C
08/20, at 5pm – ABC x Figueirense – Frasqueirão, Natal (RN)
08/21, at 4pm – Vitória x Paysandu – Barradão, Salvador (BA)

group B
08/27, at 7pm – Mirassol x Botafogo-SP – Municipal, Mirassol (SP)
29/08, at 20h – Volta Redonda vs Aparecidense – Raulino de Oliveira, Volta Redonda (RJ)

Group C
08/27, at 17:00 – Paysandu x ABC – Curuzu, Belém (PA)
08/28, at 5pm – Figueirense vs Vitória – Orlando Scarpelli, Florianópolis (SC)

group B
09/03, at 19h – Volta Redonda x Mirassol – Raulino de Oliveira, Volta Redonda (RJ)
09/04, at 15:00 – Aparecidense x Botafogo-SP – to be defined

Group C
09/03, at 17:00 – Figueirense x Paysandu – Orlando Scarpelli, Florianópolis (SC)
09/04, at 19h – Vitória x ABC – Barradão, Salvador (BA)

group B
09/10, at 7pm – Mirassol x Volta Redonda-Municipal, Mirassol (SP)
09/11, at 11 am – Botafogo-SP x Aparecidense – Santa Cruz, Ribeirão Preto (SP)

Group C
09/10, at 17h – ABC x Vitória – Frasqueirão, Natal (RN)
11/09, at 17h – Paysandu x Figueirense- Curuzu, Belém (PA)

group B
09/17, at 3pm – Aparecidense x Volta Redonda – to be defined
09/19, at 20h – Botafogo-SP x Mirassol – Santa Cruz, Ribeirão Preto (SP)

Group C
09/17, at 17:00 – ABC x Paysandu – Frasqueirão, Natal (RN)
09/18, at 4 pm – Vitória x Figueirense – Barradão, Salvador (BA)

group B
09/25, at 17:00 – Mirassol x Aparecidense- Municipal, Mirassol (SP)
09/25, at 5pm – Volta Redonda x Botafogo-SP – Raulino de Oliveira, Volta Redonda (RJ)

Group C
10/24, at 5 pm – Paysandu x Vitória- Curuzu, Belém (PA)
10/24, at 5 pm – Figueirense x ABC – Orlando Scarpelli, Florianópolis (SC)

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