“Consider paying the termination fine”; Jorge Nicola brings exclusive contract approved in Flamengo, which receives R$ 7 thousand in salary


Even with the names that arrived in the last transfer window, the board still continues to monitor the ball market in the search for good deals.

“Consider paying the termination fine”;  Jorge Nicola brings exclusive contract approved at Fla
© Photo: Playback/YouTube“Consider paying the termination fine”; Jorge Nicola brings exclusive contract approved at Fla

In the vice-leadership of Brazilian Serie A Championship with 39 points, Flamengo is nine points behind the leader and maintains a two-point advantage over the first place outside the G-4. The Rubro-Negra team remained active in the ball market and made good negotiations for the season, however the board is not satisfied and has one more name on the radar.

According to information from the journalist Jorge Nicolathrough the channel of the YouTuberevealed that the dome of the Dearest already has a name on the table and it is Andrey Santos. “Andrey is the big business in Brazilian football today, because his termination penalty for Brazilian clubs is only R$14 million reais. That is, I pay the R$ 14 million fine, agree and keep the player, who is now worth at least R$ 60 to R$ 75 million reais. The termination fine of the national market is linked to the salary, the boy earns only R$ 7 thousand per month. R$ 7 thousand times two thousand, as established by the income of Brazilian football, amounts to this fine of R$ 14 million reais”, revealed.

O communicator also highlighted the difficulty of the board of Vasco in seeking contractual renewal with the athlete, which ends up giving the rival a gap to carry out this ‘harassment‘ before the young promise. With the termination fine well below, considering the player’s potential, the hiring ends up becoming an attraction for rivals.

“Flamengo’s board is considering paying the R$ 14 million termination fine. Why haven’t you paid yet? Because Andrey is very connected to Vasco and understands that it would not be a nice thing to change Cruzmaltino for his rival. On the other hand, talks for contract renewal by its representatives and 777 personnel have not yet advanced. He earns BRL 7,000 and in Vasco’s first proposal with the 777, it was BRL 200,000 per month. The athlete wants a number of other conditions, such as a percentage of future sales and bonuses in the contract. There is a long distance between this contract renewal and the agreement between the parties. And Flamengo appears as a possible interested”, highlighted.

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