Cruzeiro x Dedé: debt amount is adjusted to R$ 20.5 million; Dodo also asks for update | cruise

The Labor Court approved this Tuesday the updated calculation of Cruzeiro’s debt with defender Dedé. The amount, today, exceeds R$ 20 million.

Cruzeiro fan creates team-inspired RPG card game

Cruzeiro fan creates team-inspired RPG card game

“In view of the ratification of the calculations by the SECJ, I ratify the calculations. I fixed the value of the execution at R$ 20,516,496.46”, says the decision of judge Jéssica Grazielle Andrade Martins.

Cruzeiro can appeal, in addition, of course, to presenting the granting of Judicial Recovery of the club, at the First Business Court of Belo Horizonte, which, among other things, suspends executions in progress.

At spreadsheet presented at Vara Empresarial, Cruzeiro listed the debt with Dedé at R$ 16.6 million. The value of the spreadsheet is the same as the agreement initially approved in court.

Dedé, Cruzeiro defender — Photo: Bruno Haddad/Cruzeiro

Already the defender, when he claimed breach of agreement by the club, estimated the amount due at R$ 17.7 million, plus a fine. The inclusion of the Sociedade Anônima do Futebol (SAF) was also requested as jointly liable for the debt.

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Also in the Labor Court, the left side Dodô, now at Atlético, requested an update of Cruzeiro’s debt to be launched in the Judicial Recovery. Cruzeiro reported owing R$15 million to the player. Dodô understands that the debt is currently R$ 18,317,173.49.

Dodô played for Cruzeiro — Photo: Vinnicius Silva/Cruzeiro

Last May, the side informed that he did not receive any of the first five installments of the agreement with Cruzeiro. The payment, in the agreement, was expected to be made in 60 installments in the amount of R$ 250 thousand.

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5 Star Partner – Cruzeiro — Photo: Publicity

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