Discover the soup that has been cooking non-stop for 45 years

Can you imagine eating a soup that was made a year ago? The idea seems absurd. But what if I told you that there is a soup that has been brewing non-stop for 45 years? It exists and is located in a restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand, called Wattana Panich. Although the idea seems very strange, the establishment attracts tourists from all over the world who are in search of eternal soup.

According to the family that owns the restaurant, the secret is never to throw away the broth left over at the end of the day, and yes, add it to the soup that will be served the next day, adding more ingredients and water. Thus, beef, buffalo and goat meat soup has been reheated for more than four decades.

They use a very old technique known as “perpetual stew” or “perpetual stew” or “hunter’s stew”, which consists of constantly letting the soup boil on low heat while adding new ingredients, so the broth absorbs as much flavor as possible. and it gets even more delicious. The difference is, in the original technique, the cauldron is emptied and cleaned in a few momentsin Wattana Panich this never happens.

And if you are one of those who love to see a clean environment and shining dishes, this is not your place. That’s because the owners have also made the act of not cleaning the edge of the pan a tradition. The hardened brown husk around the cauldron is basically the broth that has been splashing over these 45 years.


Another interesting fact is that the soup does not follow a portioned recipein fact, the family has developed the skill to taste and know exactly what is missing and then add the ingredients to the broth.

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