Flamengo lineup, superb paulista: latest news

08:34 – Turco talks about evolution with Dorival and puts Flamengo above Palmeiras

In an interview with ESPN Argentina, the coach who passed through Brazilian football in the first half of this year, spoke about Paulo Sousa’s team and how Flamengo is now: “Now they are defending well. But in the first half, with the Portuguese coach, he defended poorly, was a more spaced team and gave a lot of space between the lines. We beat Flamengo in full transition”. Click here to learn more.

10:16 am – Neto reveals Dorival’s nickname and threatens to tell stories: ‘What a leg, huh’

Dorival Júnior was Neto’s companion when they were still players, they played together in Guarani and Palmeiras. On the Baita Amigos program, “Craque Neto” spoke about his friendship with the Flamengo coach and called him out. Click here to learn more.

11h01 – Flamengo was the team that spent the most in the transfer window; see the amount invested

However, it is necessary to highlight the situation of Everton Cebolinha. The amount that Rubro-Negro will pay for the player has already been fixed: R$ 72.5 million. If he meets goals throughout the contract, Flamengo can pay R$ 85.9 million for the striker. Therefore, the calculation was based on the definitive value of the transfer. Click here to learn more.

11:24 am – ‘United Flamengo is very strong’: Race and Youth presidents talk about union

Leaders of the two fans met in Lapa, downtown Rio de Janeiro, and talked to put an end to the rivalry between the two. Raça and Jovem have had problems with each other for years, but in recent games the fights were constant in the northern sector of Maracanã and even in other states. Click here to learn more.

11:43 – Arrascaeta and Gabigol are acquitted and can face Athletico-PR

Despite not being red carded by referee Luiz Flávio de Oliveira, the Sports Attorney’s Office granted the request for a complaint against the two Flamengo players. The rapporteur himself, Dr. Marcelo Vieira, did not understand the judgment and even questioned it. “Have we become the VAR of VAR?”. In this sense, the decision was unanimously favorable to Flamengo. The Doctor. Washington Rodrigues de Oliveira and Dr. Iuri Engel Francescutti accompanied the rapporteur and then decided to acquit the players. Click here to learn more.

11:56 am – Boca Juniors goalkeeper says ‘yes’ to Flamengo, informs journalist

According to journalist Leonardo Jose, from Coluna do Flamengo, Argentinian Agustín Rossi, from Boca Juniors, would have said “yes” to Marcos Braz. That is, new conversations in 2023 could materialize the operation, since in January Rossi could sign a pre-contract with any team in world football. Click here to learn more.

12:55 – Athletico-PR x Flamengo: time, where to watch and probable lineup

In the first match, the teams drew 0-0 at Maracanã. Therefore, as there is no longer an away goal criterion, whoever wins advances to the semifinals. In the event of a tie, the spot will be decided on penalties. Whoever passes takes São Paulo or América-MG. Click here to learn more.

1:06 pm – Palmeiras owner preaches caution and praises Flamengo: ‘When they pack, it’s hard to hold’

As soon as he was asked by presenter Cleber Machado about the advantage, Scarpa went straight and answered with respect to Flamengo. “(The advantage) It’s minuscule. There are still 16 games to go, and the Flamengo team we know is a very good team and when they pack, they start to win a lot of games. It’s hard to hold. But our team has a lot of merit too, a lot of quality and the atmosphere is very good.” Click here to learn more.

14:32 – Opponent in the Copa do Brasil, Athletico-PR was born wanting to be Flamengo

The truth is that as much as Athletico fans reject the hypothesis, the Paraná club was born wanting to be Flamengo. Founded in 1924, for decades it had uniforms, badges and colors identical to the biggest club in Brazil. Even an excerpt from Mengão’s anthem was copied: “Once Atlético, always Atlético”. Click here to learn more.

15:13 – Flamengo announces ticket sales for the game against Vélez; know the values ​​and how to buy

This Tuesday (16), Flamengo released information about ticket sales for the home match. It starts next Thursday (18), at 10 am, but only for the plan with the highest priority for the Nação supporters. So, check out all the information: Click here to find out more.

17:03 – Lots of money: find out how much Flamengo will earn if they eliminate Athletico in the Copa do Brasil

So far, Mengo has already received R$ 8.8 million for being in the quarterfinals. R$1.9 million was for participation in the Third Phase. For reaching the round of 16, Rubro-Negro received BRL 3 million, in addition to BRL 3.9 million for their presence in the quarterfinals. That is, if they win the classification, Flamengo reaches the amount of R$ 16.1 million just for the advances in the Copa do Brasil. Click here to learn more.

18:06 – Former player says that Gabigol’s acquittal was unfair: ‘He attacked Fernandinho’

“In the case of Arrascaeta, given the history, I even agree. Gabigol kicked Fernandinho. He attacked Fernandinho. In my opinion, play for a straight red card”, pointed out Denilson. Click here to learn more.

19:06 – ‘I was suffering a lot’: Santos analyzes the moment of Flamengo’s defense before Dorival Júnior

Since the coach’s arrival, Dorival’s team has conceded 12 goals in 19 matches. However, in 11 games the team did not concede a goal. In fact, 58.3% of the goals (7) that Flamengo conceded were in the first four games, when the team was still in the formation process. One of the pillars for a good defense, in addition to the entire defensive system, was goalkeeper Santos, who became an unquestionable starter. Click here to learn more.

19:17 – New defender: Dorival chooses David Luiz’s replacement for the game against Athletico

Last Sunday’s game (14) at Maracanã seems to have put an end to Dorival’s doubts. Fabrício Bruno stood out and scored twice with a header in Mengão’s 5-0 rout over Athletico himself, for the Brasileirão. Therefore, the defender was chosen to form a pair of defenders alongside Léo Pereira, who has been establishing himself as an important defender in the squad. Click here to learn more.

20:47 – End of Maracanã? Presenter says yes and Flamengo may be to blame

For Benja, Maracanã only survives thanks to Flamengo. Rubro-Negro, by the way, is the current manager of the stadium and has suffered with politicians who override his decision. In this way, the club seems close to having its own home. Click here to learn more.

20:53 – Superb? If Palmeiras wins Flamengo, lay down in the Brazilian, says journalist from São Paulo

However, in case of defeat, Mengão will see Palmeiras open 12 points. That is, it will make it difficult to take the difference in the last 15 rounds of the competition. Therefore, journalists treat it as an early final and many understand that Palmeiras will take the title if they beat Flamengo. This is the case of the ESPN bench, for example. Click here to learn more.

21:07 – Jorginho detonates Palmeiras coach, Flamengo’s next opponent in the Brasileirão

In an interview given to ESPN, Jorginho spared no criticism of Abel Ferreira and even mocked the titles won by the Portuguese. “I want to see what he’s doing at Palmeiras to do here at Atlético. Come here and make it Brazilian champion.” Click here to learn more.

21:29 – Top scorer of Palmeiras answers if the duel against Flamengo will be an early final

In this sense, the country’s sports press has debated whether Flamengo’s confrontation against Palmeiras is an “early final” of the Brasileirão. In this way, the Sportscenter program received forward Rony, from the São Paulo club, who was asked about the importance of the game. Click here to learn more.

9:48 pm – Flamengo wins by 135×8 and journalist asks: ‘How much do scores like this help the sport?’

“Flamengo left in some basic categories in basketball. And the question I always ask: how much do scores like this help the sport?”, asks the professional. Click here to learn more.

22:01 – With Dorival, Everton Ribeiro admits he is better positioned on the pitch: ‘I have more freedom’

One of the most experienced players in the current squad and absolute starter, Everton Ribeiro commented on Flamengo’s phase and his position on the field, with Dorival Júnior. In an interview given to the Globe Sports, aired this Tuesday (16), the midfielder admits he is more comfortable on the field. “I have the freedom to do what I like the most, which is to build the team”. The 33-year-old is enjoying a good phase and has become a fundamental part of the team’s creation sector. Click here to learn more.

22:02 – After negative repercussions, CBF again changes Botafogo x Flamengo schedule

The change generated a lot of criticism from Rio fans. This is because the weather in Rio de Janeiro is usually hot during this time, that is, players could play in high temperature. Click here to learn more.

22:59 – Casagrande disputes and says that Palmeiras will run over Flamengo

“For me, Palmeiras doesn’t lose four games in the second round, they don’t lose. That’s my opinion, don’t miss it. And another: Palmeiras, in my opinion, run over Flamengo. It runs over in the sense, it beats Flamengo at the weekend and the championship is over”, argues Casagrande, in a statement given on UOL’s Red Card program. Click here to learn more.

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