Galaxy Z Fold 4 screen consumes up to 25% less battery, says Samsung

After having launched the Galaxy Z Fold 4 line last week, Samsung has just given more details about the device’s Eco² OLED screen. According to the brand, this screen can have a consumption reduction of up to 25% compared to the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

The presentation took place at the K-Display 2022 event, an exhibition held in South Korea.

It should be noted that this data is related to the specific consumption of the screen, and not the device as a whole — after all, several other components also require a lot of energy use.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 screen helped the device outperform the Galaxy S22 Ultra

Galaxy Z Fold 4 Eco² OLED display consumes up to 25% less battery (Image: youTube/Samsung Display)

Tests recently published on the internet show that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 has longer battery life than the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which drew a lot of attention — after all, the folding device has a wider screen and smaller battery, compared to the display model hard.

At first, this difference was mainly attributed to the processors of the two models: while the S22 Ultra has the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, the Z Fold 4 already has the 8 Plus Gen 1. According to data reported by Qualcomm, the new platform can offer an efficiency energy up to 30% higher.

However, if Samsung’s estimates regarding the display are really accurate, it is likely that the panel also played a big role in these good results. In total, the Z Fold 4 reached 9h18min of use, 22 minutes longer than the S22 Ultra.

Camera below the screen is more discreet (Image: YouTube/Samsung Display)

In addition to the power improvements, the Korean brand’s new foldable cell phone also ushered in new technologies related to the camera below the display (UPC Plus).

Now, an updated pixel arrangement in the section directly above the lens allows for the highest density of dots in this area, reducing the gap to the rest of the surface — the quality of content captured by the 4 MP sensor has also been increased.

If Samsung follows strategies similar to past years, it is likely that some new technologies will be passed on to the Galaxy S23 line.

The next flagships of the brand should come with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, among other news – as the devices will only be launched next year, there is still plenty of time for leaks to reveal details about them.

Source: SamMobile

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