“Genesis Is Literally And Totally Scientific,” Scientist Says Of Biblical Account

In an interview with “Programa Vejam Só!” from Rit TV, published last Tuesday (12), presenter Zeca Pereira questioned scientists Marcos Eberlin and Adauto Lourenço about the accounts in the book of Genesis. “Are they scientific or not?”.

“Of course I do,” replied the chemist Eberlin, who is also the coordinator of Discovery-Mackenzie – Research Center in Science, Faith and Society. “Our faith is totally rational” he explained.

He states that Genesis is scientific from the moment it brings knowledge about our origins, in addition to discussing sanitation, food, nutrition, among other essential topics for humanity.

“It’s not a science book if you think about traditional science books,” he said, emphasizing that these books become outdated over the course of a few dozen years. “But The Bible has been around for about 3,000 years and is still current. Which science book has this performance?”, he asked.

“James Webb is there to reveal”

From the beginning, scientists have always considered God to be an absolute truth and not a hallucination coming from the heads of Christians.

Eberlin explains that “Science was born with God as its author and scientific findings are confirming the existence of this Creator. James Webb is there to reveal it”, he fired when citing the images discovered through the new NASA telescope.

Furthermore, scientists agree that the Earth is young when they cite the issue of genomes: “They show us that we’ve been here for about 6,000 years.”

Among other topics, the scientists talked about the issue of Carbon 14: “These are radiometric dating methods that only work from certain assumptions, so they are not 100% reliable”, clarified Eberlin.

Adauto agrees and adds: “Carbon 14 shows that the system is young and this has everything to do with the Bible”. He then comments on the fact that some people find this thought “ridiculous”.

But the evidence points to what? As scientists, we have to go through the evidence and they point out that both the planet, life and the universe are recent”, justified Adauto.

The first image released by the Webb Space Telescope shows in detail a section of the distant universe. (Photo: NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI, Webb)

“Bible and Science are saying the same thing”

Since Genesis is a scientific book, as the scientist claims, how is the relationship between Creationism and recent scientific discoveries made?

To begin the explanations, Adauto Lourenço, who is a master in Nuclear Physicsinternational lecturer and researcher, points to the importance of understanding that “the wisdom found in created nature transcends human wisdom”.

Adauto, then, remembers the first biblical verses, where he says that “the Spirit of God moved over the face of the waters”.

“This means that at the very beginning of the Universe there were already water molecules. In 2012, using our telescopeswe discovered that 12.5 billion light-years away from Earth, there were water molecules in an absurd amount”, he related.

“This shows that the bible and science are saying the same thing. The book of Genesis is spectacular because of that,” he said, saying that “the finds are piling up and naturalists are getting surprised.”

Literality of Genesis

I mean the book Is Genesis literal? According to the two scientists, most Christians are increasingly convinced of this literalness. Eberlin also recalls that even some theologians doubted.

The first two chapters of Genesis created a scenario for great controversies, such as the Gap or Gap Theory — a belief that proposes an enormous span of time between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2.

Adauto dismantles this gap theory by classifying it as unnecessary. “If there was a long gap, obviously living beings would have gone through the process of dying, so death would already have been in the world before Adam’s sin and that would make no sense,” he explained theologically.

He also pointed out that this “gap” between one verse and another is just an excuse to fit the theory of evolution into the Bible.

Eberlin also recalls that God showed through the Word everything he did and how he did it. “He gives details, shows the time and materials he used,” he said, reinforcing the scientific aspect of it.

Stephan’s Quintet of Galaxies as seen through the Webb Space Telescope. (Photo: NASA, ESA, CSA and STScI)

“Without God, science is not worth doing”

“The main foundation of Science is the existence of God, without God it is not worth doing Science”, said Eberlin.

And how about the issue of evidence that God exists? Is it possible to prove this to skeptics? “I cannot prove that God created the world, but I can prove that the world was created,” replied Adauto.

The problem, according to Eberlin, is that “naturalism invests in our young people and children in schools and universities, where Darwin is absolute, period”.

The scientist warns about the urgency of deconstructing the “sand castle” of Darwinism and showing that the theory of evolution does not make sense from a scientific point of view.

“The academy made a pact with naturalism, with Darwinism, in 1959, uniting Enlightenment and Positivism, excluding God from their explanations. They want to explain everything with matter, energy and space”, he described.

“We We were made by an Intelligent Designer and there is no doubt. The evidence is crystal clear,” he said as he included parents in the responsibility of educating their children about these truths.

The James Webb Space Telescope reveals stellar nurseries and individual stars in the Carina Nebula that have not been seen before. (Photo: NASA, ESA, CSA and STScI)

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