Gil family teaches maturity with ex and current in harmony

The Gil family traveled to Europe in a series of shows (photo: Disclosure)

The Gil family traveled to Europe in a series of shows (photo: Disclosure)

news summary:

  • Gil family traveled to Europe on tour with ex and current members of some members

  • Laura Fernandez accompanied her daughter, Sol de Maria, during the series of shows

  • Francisco Gil, the model’s ex-husband, went with his new girlfriend for the trip

A lot of people have as a rule that living with their ex is a bad thing or, at least, not always healthy. But for the Gil familythe concept “on vacation with ex” was elevated to “on the road with ex” in a natural way.

This was more than proved during the recent tour that Gilberto Gil, Flora, Bela, Preta, Flor, Nara, João, Francisco, Bem, José, Marília, Maria and Bento did in Europe with a family show. Alongside the holders, current and former spouses were part of the group.

Laura Fernandes, Sol de Maria’s mother, who is Preta Gil’s granddaughter and Gilberto’s great-granddaughter, appears in records of the trip in the company of her daughter, who sings with the Gil on stage. During the tour, she lived on the road with her ex-husband, Francisco, and his current girlfriend, Emilie Rey.

The it girl and model, who has been dating the singer since mid-2021, has already won the heart of her ‘stepdaughter’ and also her mother-in-law, Preta. She has already shared photos with her in-laws on social media in a happy mood. Like her, Laura also has access to the house of the singer-Preta Gil, who has stated several times that he considers his ex-daughter-in-law to be a daughter.

Preta, by the way, lives well with her sister’s husband, Bela Gil. But what was so strange about that? The singer dated businessman João Paulo Demasi when she was a teenager and, at one point, the situation was a climax in their relationship, but quickly resolved for the good of the Gil.

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