Here’s how to check what your followers are liking on Instagram

A few years ago Instagram allowed users to observe each other in more detail. That way, anyone who wanted to, could check what a follower was enjoying without any restrictions. Just click on the heart symbol and see your friends’ latest activity, and there was no notification about it.

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Although it is more difficult, you can check what your followers like by doing a detailed search. If you have an affinity with the person, it is even easier, as you will be able to discern certain tastes, searching directly for a singer or artist. Finally, when you find common followers, be sure to start by checking open profiles.

Learn how to see what others are liking in the Instagram app

Step 1: Access the Instagram application and click on the magnifying glass to search for the name of the person you want to check the liked content.

Step 2: Then click on the person’s followers and observe the posts of the pages and people they are following. It’s easier to do this with generic comedy profiles, interests, and institutions than with other people, who might leave the account closed.

Step 3: Look at each post and click on the likes, in the part where the text is. That way, everyone who likes and is your follower or follows you appears in the first lines.

Do this with reels, videos, and other post formats. If the person really follows the posts, you are sure to find some likes. When browsing the feed, click on the likes too, probably someone you know will have registered interest in images and texts that appear directly to you.

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