“I’m puzzled if this from Willian is true, revolting”; Backstage of Vítor Pereira’s conversation with Gavião da Fiel are leaked on the web


Conversation leaked and reports made the faithful even more angry

- Willian has still been without a club since leaving Timão
© Photo: Ettore Chieregini/Agif– Willian has still been without a club since leaving Timão

Corinthians goes through a troubled moment in season. He was eliminated at the Copa Libertadores de America, distanced himself from leader Palmeiras in Brasileirão and has a complicated task tonight (17), against Atletico-GO, for the Brazilian Cup, indoors. As you lost 2 x 0 confrontation, you will need to reverse the result if you want to reach the semifinal of the competition.

The subject Willian It still reverberates a lot inside São Jorge Park. This Wednesday (17), journalist Vitor Guedes, from Portal UOL Sportsreported that there was a meeting between Victor Pereira and members of the organized crowd of “Faithful Hawks“. In this talk that happened last Monday (15), the coach, according to the commentary’s investigation, won a vote of confidence. The Portuguese has been very pressured in office.

The backstage of this conversation was leaked by an organized counselor and the communicator in full placed all the topics, of quoted players and everything. In this account, there is information that no injury in Willian was found, but the locket did not act because he insisted that he was in pain.

This revolted the Corinthian fans on the web and the repercussion is immense. Many already indicate that the attacker has lost once and for all the admiration of the entire faithful, even being revealed in São Jorge Park. Check out the report (In the vision of the organized) passed by the counselor with punctuation and original spelling:

Guys at the board meeting. It is just about 1:00 in the morning.

Agenda over Corinthians.

The club was to the club, Roni, Fell. The conversation was some questions with the coach. He claims that he has no time to train and did not have a pre -season. He said he can’t impose his work system. For lack of injured pieces and players. Some players, with an advanced age I can’t stand playing games in a row. Team with an advanced age about Willian some decisive games he claimed to feel pain. The doctors department did resonance not accused anything, to ask questions was made others outside the club, also accused nothing, yet the player claimed is in pain. That’s why he was not cast by the coach. Training claimed the constant changes in the games, because it should do in training has to use the game unfortunately. By calendar of many games he only trains once a week anything else.

He apologized to the board of the hawks, for his speech, said that he is actually a broken guy. It is having problems with Fagner, is a little out of shape in the locker rooms and has charged the player. When he wanted to play his mistake another player was charged by the coach. It was talked about JO contract may even give up jobs. Luan also which club pays 700 thousand and Santos 100 thousand, damage to the club. Referring to the stands are, looking for sponsors because it costs a lot of money I will confirm the value. This stands will be made in the south and in the north. Closing the ring, the non -viable mobile stands are already discarded. Another alternative of emediator and changing the chair that measures 45cm because it is the World Cup standard. For 40cm would raise a capacity of 2,000 people. In the east. In the south eliminating the chairs increases around 5,000. Body and firefighter is also releasing authorization to the north. About the fan partner it seems that another will be done this will be eliminated. Starting all from scratch. The board charged race and commitment, there is a game that loses a game has play with race. It looks like Corinthians will not buy more player for this year.”

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