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one of the most famous insiders of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive world stage, Gabe Follower published a video last Tuesday (15) where it reveals how it is possible to obtain information about the tests made by the FPS developers.

Taking as a parameter a beta used by the employees of the valve – which is available at Steam under ID 710, slightly different from the 730 adopted by the normal version of CS:GO -, the insider is able to collect some interesting data.

According to him, it is possible to see the maps, the game modes and even who the developers are playing with. This vulnerability has even been reported to the valvewhich apparently does not care about this fact.

It was through this method that Gabe Follower and others insiders spotted CS:GO developers on maps with the suffix “_s2”, a reference to the long-awaited Source 2. So far, in fact, only six maps have been seen in testing.

Are they shots, Italy, Hell, lake, Overpass and shortdustmaps where you can play absolutely all CS:GO game modes, with the exception of the Danger Zone mode, the battle royale of Valve’s FPS.

Furthermore, other common maps – without the said suffix – were tested by the developers. Finally, Gabe Follower even showed images of one of the employees of Valve testing the remake of Tuscan in the conventional version of the game, number 730.

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