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the american actress Jennifer Lawrence, world famous for playing the protagonist Kat niss ever deen in the franchise “Hunger Games” and mystique in the movies of “X-Men”, just won a lawsuit against the magazine Bigard, French special publication coordinated by the comedian Jean-Marie Bigard.

It all started when, in a special issue for the month of July, the magazine shared in an article 5 intimate photos of the actress, that ended up leaking into the Internet in 2014. The images, illegally shared by a hacker, these are photographs that Lawrence sent it to an ex-boyfriend, who at the time lived far away from her. this same hacker, named Edward Majerczyk, was sentenced in 2017 to 9 months in prison for having leaked the images of Lawrence and other celebrities.

In the case of the case against the magazine, the judge responsible for the case sentenced the Bigard Magazine to pay €20,000 (about R$127,250, in direct conversion) to the actress. In his justification, the judge established this value by analyzing the “moral damage suffered (by Jennifer Lawrence) as a result of the violation of her privacy and the right she has over her image”.

Also according to the court order, the fine was not even greater for the “modest distribution of the magazine”, which the judge understood as a reduction in damages. According to the publisher Medialyd, responsible for publishing, 2,561 copies were sold. Here, it is worth mentioning that this was a unique edition of the magazine, since it is a special publication of the erotic magazine King.

The actress’s French lawyer, Vincent Toledanocommented on the decision with the tabloid Le Figaro: “The high amount of compensation proves the indignation aroused by this publication, and should deter all those who are tempted to reproduce these stolen images.”

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It is not yet known whether the magazine will appeal the court decision, which was issued after a verdict issued by the court of Nanterre, in France.

Source: Le Figaro

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