Lawsuit reveals that Angelina Jolie accused Brad Pitt of assault

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Actor Brad Pitt would have thrown beer at Angelina Jolie and attacked her in the fight that led to the separation of the couple. The incident happened inside a plane in 2016, reveal documents of a process that until this Tuesday (16/8) ran anonymously. In the alleged fight, the actress claimed that her ex-husband assaulted her and one of her children.

In addition to throwing the liquid, he was also accused of grabbing her by the shoulders and shaking her while screaming.

The details of the fight were released by Puck after another website, Politico, considered that Angelina Jolie was the anonymous person accusing her husband of assault in a lawsuit against the FBI, opened last April, demanding that the documents of the investigation carried out be made public. .

In the lawsuit, the actress claimed that her fight with her ex-husband happened in the back of the plane and he was drinking at the time of the argument. Jolie claimed that Pitt grabbed her shoulders and shook her as she screamed, “You’re fucking this family.”

According to the actress, Pitt also allegedly assaulted Maddox after his son, then 15, tried to intervene in the argument. And the fight would have continued outside the plane. She said she later suffered injuries and even handed over a photo of her injured elbow to support her accusations.

The actor denied any kind of inappropriate conduct against his son and ex-wife, but that didn’t stop Jolie from filing a complaint against him.

Because it took place on an international flight, the investigation was taken over by the FBI, which, along with the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services, heard witnesses and exonerated Pitt. Dissatisfied, the actress sued the FBI for hiding evidence, demanding that all material collected during the investigation be made publicly available.

Shortly after the incident, the celebrity couple divorced and Pitt publicly decided to stop drinking. No charges were brought against Pitt.

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