Leila explains controversy with Puma and answers if she would accept another brand in place of Crefisa in the Palmeiras uniform

Palmeiras: Leila Pereira gave an interview to the GE and talked about the relationship with the Pumafinance and sponsorship of crefisa

In an interview with GEthe president of palm trees, Leila Pereiraspoke about the recent controversies with the Pumasupplier of sports equipment to Verdão since 2019.

Portal report UOL stated that Alviverde was dissatisfied with the company, and that conversations had even been started with the adidasa former Palestinian partner, for a comeback.

Leila admitted that there was noise with the Puma because of the lack of shirts in stores, but assured that the bond between the parties will remain in force.

“We have a contract with Puma until 2024, in force. No termination was contemplated in this contract. What happened, yes, were several complaints from fans of going to stores and not finding our shirts to buy. This I think is absurd,” she said.

“Palmeiras is in a wonderful phase, where the fans want to be closer to going to the games, buying the shirt. The club still receives royalties for selling shirts. It was a loss,” she continued.

“There was a complaint, it bothered me a lot, I called the president of Pumawe talked a lot to solve this problem, soon we will have another meeting to show a timeline to solve this problem definitively”, he added.

The businesswoman also admitted that the prices of Palestinian shirts are very high, and said that she has the idea of ​​producing a “popular” uniform.

“(The price) Another issue that bothers me is the value of the shirt, I talked a lot with the Puma to make a popular shirt, so that any fan can buy it”, he said.

“I don’t know if I can, and the Puma also, reduce to a value that the fan wants. We are studying it. On the other hand, we have licensed shirts, with a very affordable price, which fans can purchase, for R$50 or R$60. We cannot make a game shirt for this price. It’s something that bothers us, but we haven’t been able to solve it,” he added.

Would you accept another brand in place of the crefisa?

In the interview, Leila Pereira was also asked if she would accept to put another sponsor in place of crefisa on the Palmeiras shirt, if a company made a higher offer than the credit operator it owns.

The president explained the details of the agreement between Verdão and the company and pointed out that, so far, there have been no greater offers to change the brands of crefisa and FAMwhich she also owns.

“We’ve already had proposals. But today we have a sponsorship contract value with football that is still a very significant value, it can reach R$ 120 million per year, depending on the performance of Palmeiras [são R$ 80 milhões fixos, que podem alcançar R$ 120 milhões de acordo com resultados e títulos]. If you have a company that offers a greater value than the FAM and crefisa contribute, without a doubt (would accept to exchange)”, he said.

“What I cannot do is remove, for example, the FAM bar, enter a contribution from the sponsor, and continue paying the same amount. It’s not correct. For a sponsor to enter, it would need to decrease the value our companies bring in,” he explained.

“Sometimes people don’t understand this. That I’m going to continue paying R$ 120 million, but I take the bar and master’s to add. That’s not possible. I want to collaborate with Palmeiras, but I’m president of a company that has other directors. a bank. There are regulators who will question me”, he argued.

“I have a contract until 2024, when we are going to renew the contract, we can even talk about new partnerships. But they need to be significant for Palmeiras, taking into account that our sponsorship, in the pandemic, with suspended games, with several months without exposure, the crefisa and the FAM at no time did they reduce the amount invested in Palmeiras. I say it’s not a sponsorship, it’s a partnership that our companies have with Palmeiras”, he concluded.

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