New iPads (10th generation and Pro with M2) could be released soon

It is not today that rumors suggest the launch of a new iPad “basic” (the 10th generation of the tablet) and the update of the Pro — and now we have more (mismatched) information about when these devices will be able to see the light of day.

Firstly, a post on the Naver blog, made by leaker known as yeux1122says that Apple will hold an event in October to announce the changes/news of the iPads in question. While it may not necessarily be an October event, the leaker said it would be at an additional event held after the launch of the “iPhone 14” (and the “Apple Watch Series 8”).

In addition to the new generation of the iPad, whose possible changes in design and internal news we have already mentioned, Apple will also be able to update the iPad Pro. according to leakerhowever, the novelty here will be the chip update (the M1 comes out, the M2).

On the other hand, new information released by the DigiTimes point out that Apple plans to launch the 10th generation iPad in September, but sources cited by the story said they were concerned about temporary power restrictions imposed by the Chinese government on factories in Sichuan province — where iPads are made by Foxconn and Compal. Despite this, however, the chances that this will affect the production and launch of Apple tablets are minimal, according to the article.

September or October?

Although the rumors are mixed about the possible release date of the new iPads, we can always go back to the past to remember the last steps of Apple. So, as well noted by Joe Rossignol, the company introduced the 9th generation iPad in September, along with the iPhones 13.

It is worth noting that there is also the possibility that the new tablets will be presented in September, but will only be available in October — due to the aforementioned problems in the production chain.

In any case, only time will reveal the Apple’s plans.

iPad (9th generation) 11″ and 12.9″ iPad Pro

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