No need to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, says Russia

Russian Defense Minister Says Speculation About Use of Nuclear Weapons in Conflict Are “Absolute Lies”

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said speculation about Ukraine’s use of nuclear weapons is “absolute lies” is that “there is no necessity” to use this type of weapon in the conflict. The minister attended an international security conference on Tuesday (16.Aug.2022) in Moscow.

“From a military point of view, there is no need to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine to achieve their objectives. The main purpose of Russian weapons is to prevent a nuclear attack. Its use is limited to extraordinary circumstances as defined in the public use authorization documents, which is open to Russian public license.”said Shoigu during his speech.

Shoigu also stated that the non-use of weapons is part of the “international obligations” signed by Moscow and accused the United States of sending its weapons to Syria.

According to the minister, military operations in Ukraine were already being planned by NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), which had increased the deployment of troops around the country and also spoke about the deployment of “super weapons” to Ukraine.

When talking about the New Start (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty), signed by Russia and the USA to control the use of nuclear weapons, Shoigu stated that the situation is “complicated” and the negotiations are about a “two-way street”.

“On the Russian side, the obligations are being fulfilled, the declared levels of aircraft carriers and warheads are kept within the established limits”said.

On August 1, US President Joe Biden said his administration “is ready” to talk to Russia about a new nuclear weapons control treaty that will replace the agreement.

In January 2021, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke by phone with Biden. At the time, they agreed to extend the agreement that would expire on February 5 of the same year. During the Trump administration, negotiations were stalled because of the Republican’s insistence on including China in the treaty.

The agreement consists of reducing nuclear tests and establishing mutual oversight between the US and Russia. It was signed in 2010, during the administration of Barack Obama, and has been in force since 2011.

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