NUBANK allows payment in up to 24x on purchases

Many Brazilians prefer to make purchases and pay in installments. This is because, on many occasions, purchasing a product in cash can become impossible for many consumers.

With this in mind, the Nubank recently launched the NuPay. The novelty refers to a credit or debit card payment service for e-commerce. With it, customers can make purchases within the fintech application itself.

The advantage is that there are options regarding the payment method, which can be through transactions, in cash, debit, or even in 24 interest-free installments. In addition, the option is safer, since to make a purchase it is not necessary to provide merchants with their bank details.


Currently, the Nubank is one of the largest digital banks in Latin America, with more than 50 million customers worldwide, fintech is always looking for innovations in the technological environment.

In Brazil, the institution’s headquarters are located in the capital São Paulo. Among the services offered by fintech, we can highlight the most famous:

  • Credit and debit card (the famous purple one);
  • NuConta (virtual account);
  • loans;
  • investments;
  • Virtual account for CNPJ;
  • Insurance and others.

See how to increase your Nubank card limit

The credit card of Nubank is one of the most requested in the financial market today. The digital bank card has no annual fee and offers several benefits. However, most of the time the limit granted is lower than expected.

So, check out some tips to increase your purple limit.

Focus expenses on your credit card

The first tip is to focus all your spending on the Nubank. That way, you can ensure that your entire limit will be well exploited, which can make it clear to fintech that you need more credit.

Keep CPF free of restrictions

One of the factors that can help you increase your fintech card limit is to keep your credit history intact. This happens when you are up to date with the payment of your debts, not being in default with Nubank or any other company, far from the CPF restriction.

Pay the bill on time

In addition to avoiding falling into debt, it is also important not to delay the payment of bills from the Nubank. Paying the debt on the due date means that you honor your commitments, including with the financial institution. It is worth mentioning that paying the minimum amount is not a good idea.

Develop a relationship with Nubank

It is also possible to strengthen ties with fintech by contracting other services available. The action can help you get a higher credit card limit.

Keep your income data up to date

Finally, another very important action is to keep your registration data always up to date, especially income. This is because, if you have a higher income than when you informed the bank, it is possible to receive an immediate increase in the limit.

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